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PyCon Taiwan 2020 is about to kick off, just one week to go.
Sometimes I’d wonder if we can host PyConTW somewhere else than Taipei.
And it just happened this year, right amid the pandemic, COVID-19, 2020.
The venue is in Tainan, south Taiwan, a historical and beautiful city.
I’m not sure how the committee made this decision.

I have to say, having PyConTW in Tainan is one of the best decisions!

Hopefully you can see a timeline, embedded through iframe, above that guide
you through PyCon Taiwan from 2012 to 2020.
And it seems the best viewing experience needs you to have a bigger screen, like a laptop,
along with a stand-alone webview.
So here it is, the stand-alone timeline of PyCon Taiwan 2012~2020.

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