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Recently, I have much with SLOWNESS: slow rendering in render farm, slow network at my place, slow progress in my job and slow thinking in my mind. Someone said “it’s because winter’s coming…”. Well, I don’t know because I am too slow to figure out what’s going on.

During dinner, Ethan shared lots of passion for Ruby on Rails, “an open-source web framework that’s optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.”

Ethan will bring a translated RoR book tomorrow and I would like to look at it and figure out something that makes RoR such popular.

It has been a while that I don’t draw pictures because of heavy task and emergent schedule. But I transfer my passion to drawing and human body to photos and illustrations on Internet. It is always easy to find fabulous photography. Some are naked and some are not. Some are erotic and some are exotic.

Right now, automatix2 says that it needs couple of minutes to finish package-installation and there is nothing to do except sleeping. The interesting thing is that automatix2 is written by python with gtk. I don’t know how complicated it is to do python/gtk but I think the GUI looks good. I have been using python with wxWidgets to write a simple program for our 3D colleagues to do video conversion and the good part is that I can debug it easily and make it show Chinese words. Really, I am considering to propose python/wxWidgets for our all proprietary tools in Digimax.

I noticed one thing: it is easy to write down long sentences in English but not in Chinese. Why? I don’t know. It might be the metaphor of my slow thinking~

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