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pythonI start this tiny post to collect embedded python version for several major players of 3D softwares in VFX/Animation industry. It is a personal desire to build the list such that we don’t need to guess or google it while facing python version issue. Hopefully, this post can get someone’s notice and help to make it as complete as possible. Any information is welcome~

Python versoins for 3D softwares Software version Python version
Autodesk Maya
Maya 2011 Linux 64bit Python 2.6.4
Maya 2009 Linux 64bit Python 2.5.1
Maya 8.5 Linux 64bit Python 2.4.3
The Foundry Nuke
Nuke 6.2v1 Python 2.6.5
Nuke 6.1v3 Python 2.5.1
Side Effects Houdini
Houdini 11 Python 2.6
Pixar’s RenderMan Pro Server
Blender 2.5 Python 3.1
Blender 2.49 Python 2.6
Realflow 5 Python 2.6.2
TBA Python ?.?
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