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Company Description:

StorySense is a software startup company that produces language-understanding applications. Established in 2009, our goal is to organize users' data in ways that are smarter than keyword search, so that it will be easy to organize and find notes, email content, Facebook feeds, as well as other forms of media that we use to capture our memories. We are currently located in Taipei on the beautiful Ren-Ai Rd., and appreciate a happy working environment and a balanced life. Join us!


Web Application Project Executive


  • Execution and coordination of web application design, production, & marketing
  • Design and/or production of story organization interaction
  • Assistance on training artificial intelligence and storytelling systems
  • Assistance on recruiting, public relations, and other business development tasks


  • Great passion in people
  • Capability of working independently and collaboratively
  • Hands-on experience in visual/interaction design
  • Great interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong interest and/or experience in software/web/mobile industry
  • Strong interest and/or experience in one or more storytelling/art forms (e.g. film/TV/novel/drama/radio/comic/dance/music)
  • Fluency in English


  • Experience in social network marketing
  • Interest and knowledge in mobile apps
  • Entry-level skills in ruby/javascript/python programming
  • Experience in human resource management
  • 2-3 years of working experience

Working Location:

Taipei City (仁愛路光復南路口,國父紀念館旁)

Working Hours:

Mon~Fri, 10am~8pm, with great flexibility


To be discussed


Please contact Edward Shen at edward@storysensecomputing.com

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