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Dreamworks Animation opensourced OpenVDB, a data structure and toolset dedicated to volumetric data. According to the following statement, it might get supported/integrated into some 3D packages by vendors, including Houdini or some others in Autodesk. Does that become another Alembic? I don’t know. But I can tell there would be some sort of competition between OpenVDB and Field3D.

OpenVDB is an open source C++ library comprising a novel hierarchical data structure and a suite of tools for the efficient storage and manipulation of sparse volumetric data discretized on three-dimensional grids. It is developed and maintained by DreamWorks Animation for use in volumetric applications typically encountered in feature film production.

Pixar Animation Studios opensourced OpenSubdiv to the world, an implementation based on the original Catmull-Clark subdivision surface. It is the same code that Pixar uses!

OpenSubdiv is a set of open source libraries that implement high performance subdivision surface (subdiv) evaluation on massively parallel CPU and GPU architectures. This codepath is optimized for drawing deforming subdivs with static topology at interactive framerates. The resulting limit surface matches Pixar’s Renderman to numerical precision. The code embodies decades of research and experience by Pixar, and a more recent and still active collaboration on fast GPU drawing between Microsoft Research and Pixar.

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