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The above is my **real** schedule for Siggraph 2009 in New Orleans. This year is perhaps the greatest of Siggraph I think compared to my past experience: compact but focused topics with some surprise, especially keynote speeches. Furthermore, I had some totally different experiences this time:
  • being a roommate with the teacher, Wei-Chung Chang, of NTUA. He shared lots of interesting points to me, especially his studies in Pixar University.
  • being participating in the 2nd Nuke User Group and try to figure out the real trend of compositing in this industry although I was still not familiar with western social activities.
  • having a drink with my advisors in a strip club casually and gossiping.
  • discussing with someone interested in stereoscopy and stereoscopic supervisor of Dreamwork’s “Monsters vs. Aliens”, Phil McNally for around 30mins to 1hr.

PS. If you can’t see any events in the calendar, please change the date to 2009/08/03.

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