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  • More and more research papers focusing on controllable or guidable topics are proposed, like ShadowDraw, NPR Noise, Example-Based Elastic Materials, Photo-Inspired Modeling, Assembly-Based 3D Modeling.
  • Alembic 1.0 is proposed to supersede long-running OBJ and work successfully in this industry, just like OpenEXR for images.
  • Open source might not be the right way, but joint development is the way!
  • Deep image compositing(1, 2, 3) is hot. Weta developed and used it for Avatar on Pixar’s Renderman and The Foundry’s Nuke is going to support that. Furthermore, deep image format is included in the standardization of OpenEXR 2.0.
  • Katana is going to be release in this year, which is a 3D application specifically designed for the needs of look development and lighting in an asset based pipeline.
  • The course: Stereoscopy from XY to Z is awesome and really informative. ( slides by NVIDIA, brief on real-time rendering)
  • Global illumination by ray tracing is the trend but volumetric rendering is the next!
  • Shrink Wrapping, low-res and distant cars in Cars 2 are modelled by a simple cube with displacement shaders. Not a new idea but it still looks cool.
  • When we talk about 3-D, the stereoscopic vision, people are still mentioning the min/max disparity/parallax issues, like some safe zone, the bearable disparity angles, and the min/max stuff. Even Disney puts ‘comfortable’ as the top of stereoscopic principles. But, Disney also starts to mention emotional stereo and emotional distance.
  • Current volumetric renderers still base on ray tracer or REYES.
  • Blue Sky thinks crowd simulation takes time, slower loading and easy to crash your memory-limited machines, it is better to just bake variety of animations and use that to synthesize plausible crowd animation. Well, that is all because Blue Sky is using proprietary ray-tracing renderer! But in some situation, it makes sense.
  • Sparse Voxel Octree (SVO)(google code: Efficient Sparse Voxel Octrees) is the key to LoD.
  • CG is about cheating and we all should know that in advance.
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