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Congratulations on those guys (including me) :)~

Face Recognition and Clustering for Home Photos

<img src=”http://sis.siggraph.org/OPAL/Themes/SIS/Asia2011/src/downloads-perm/c_97-e258_publicimage.jpg” width=100%>

In this work, we focus on clustering faces in home photos with face recognition technologies.

  • Che-Hua Yeh, National Taiwan University
  • Pei-Ruu Shih, National Taiwan University
  • Kuan-Ting Liu, National Taiwan University
  • Huang-Ming Chang, National Taiwan University
  • Ming Ouhyoung, National Taiwan University

Stereoscopic 3D Experience Optimization Using Cropping and Warping

The purpose of this paper is to optimize the stereoscopic 3D experience. We propose five principles to reduce visual fatigue and enhance depth perception by cropping and warping.

  • Hong-Shang Lin, Taiwan University
  • Chu-Tien Lee, Taiwan University
  • Shuen-Huei Guan, Digimax Inc.
  • Ming Ouhyoung, Taiwan University

src: Technical Sketches | SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 HONG KONG.

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