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What is PyCon?

PyCon Taiwan is organized by the Taiwan Python community for the community. PyCon Taiwan is intended to provide a professional venue to exchange technical information of Python. We want to clone the experience of PyCon (US), the largest annual gathering of Python programmers, in Taiwan, and bring the joy to more people.

PyCon Taiwan 2012 will also stress on industrial applications of Python. We hope to connect the community, including the business members, and further develop the technology in Taiwan.

Please mark your calendar for PyCon Taiwan and join us in June 9th and 10th.

What I am interested to participate in for the current programs:

  • fabric – deployment tool
  • Clime: Simply CLI-ize Your Program!
  • What You See Is Not What You Get - Metaclass
  • CyberLink Meets Python
  • QtQuick GUI Programming with PySide
  • ‘FUSE’ing Python for rapid development of storage efficient file-system

For more information, go to see the official PyCon Taiwan 2012.

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