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SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 落幕了快 20 天,搭上了一篇 Technical Briefs 的順風車,去了一趟新加坡。

新坡加,是個中文、英文、馬來文與坦米爾文為官方語言的國家。 都市的建築、行人走路的速度、多國語言的交談聲、金融機構的發達程度 以及大量的外商林立,她是個比台北城來得發達與先進的地方, 我是這麼認為的吧。

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上台演講,還是會緊張吶~~不過看著前幾天,隨行的實驗室同學的排練,就突然覺得很輕鬆了。 年輕真好,有緊張出糗的權力;年長更好,變得什麼事都可以悠然自在以對了。 I still have a dream, to present a technical paper, a full paper, with good quality and presentation skill, in SIGGRAPH.

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據說,這個 The Fullerton Hotel 的前身是個郵局,讓我想起阿里山的郵局。 下次,很不幸得再來新加坡的話,我想要住這 XD

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新加坡的美食,我印象最深刻的就是肉骨茶了。 清湯拌著胡椒味、滿滿都是肉的肋骨,吃起來過癮極了! 一吃就上癮! 奕超加點的肥腸怎麼可以這麼好吃! 油條混進湯裏,怎麼可以這麼美味! Oh my~

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給還待在校園,汲汲努力於玩樂、享受大學青春的台灣學生們,多花點時間看看世界, 不管是以發表論文的方式,或是出國比賽,或甚至是來個沙發客行,鐵定會影響你一輩子的。 上頭照片的這位外國小朋友 Etan (well, 同行的,除了幾位老師,我想不到有誰比我更年長的了 XD), 第一次來到亞洲,年紀與我第一次出國飛往美國相仿,但他可不只是單純的出國玩喔! 他負責發表一篇 Technical Briefs: Efficient rasterization for edge-based 3d object tracking on mobile devices。 That’s what I think one of the best ways to travel around the world, showing some your work, fooling around the city and meeting some new friends.

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The people I was companied with. Not all of them showed up in these photos.

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The last surprise while we flew back to Taiwan. We met Engels, a retired director of German Wines Ltd. No one knows what happened to this row of three seats, we just kept gossiping things with surprise, laugh and insipration. Actually, Howie and I didn’t know how come that happened to us, either. Howie just played Cytus while I just paied attention to a story of the 1st computer in the world. And that led to lots of following chatting~

You never know what’s gonna happen to your journey. Just like what we did. We just talked in our home-made (or even home-brewed) English, and that was enough to work!

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