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In SIGGRAPH Asia 2012, I addressed a talk about Lip-Synced Character Speech Animation with Dominated Animeme Models, a topic that is cooperated with National Taiwan University for around three years. It’s a work of lip-sync animation, part of facial animations. The idea is to synthesize lip-synced character speech animation in real time given a speech sequence (audio) and its corresponding analyized texts (phonemes actually). The talk went well even though I didn’t have well-prepared presenting scripts.

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Here is a photo of presenters in the same session, facial animation, organized by Prof. Ming Ouhyoung. Unfortunately, we lost Prof. Paul Debevec, who is supposed in another sessions. It’s my honor giving a talk in the same session with those people, and it’s interesting to see what NextMedia Animation has done. You never know what’s gonna happen in SIGGRAPH.

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Yes, it’s all about mouth!

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