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SIGGRAPH 2013 was finished in last month. One attractiveness of this big show is Computer Animation Festival. With the help of Tang-Wei Hsu, we got a list of searchable clips of CAF on Vimeo and Youtube. Share those to you guys.

À la Française

A la française (Extrait) / Supinfocom from Rubika on Vimeo.

Bet She’an

Bet She’an - Trailer from Greysize on Vimeo.

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas trailer from Noble Entertainment on Vimeo.

Coke Zero “Liquid Dream”

Coca-Cola “Liquid Dream” 7.1 Mix from HOBO on Vimeo.


CYBERPUNK 2077 Trailer from Platige Image LLC on Vimeo.

Fortune Elephant Dream

Fortune Elephant Dream from NOIDentities on Vimeo.

Funeral Home Piñatas

## Galaxy “Choose Silk Chauffeur”

## Halo 4 “The Commissioning”

Xbox Halo 4 - “The Commissioning” Agency Long Form from Lime Studios on Vimeo.


HARALD Trailer from Moritz Schneider on Vimeo.

ILM’s Behind the Magic: “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Star Trek Into Darkness - Trailer from Cinema Mundial on Vimeo.

Iron Man 3

## King and Lionheart

## Lost Senses

Lost Senses TRAILER from GS Animation // Grupa Smacznego on Vimeo.

Love In The Time of Advertising

Love in the Time of Advertising trailer from Love in the Time of Advertising on Vimeo.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel Trailer HD from Movie Nimbus on Vimeo.


美的 from Midea on Vimeo.

not over

not over from Toru Hayai on Vimeo.

One Day

One Day from GOBELINS pro on Vimeo.

Ophelia: Love & Privacy_Settings

Ophelia: Love & Privacy_Settings TEASER from Biniman on Vimeo.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful from greenhausGFX on Vimeo.

Perfect Shadow

Perfect Shadow - spec ad from FUSE Directors on Vimeo.

Rollin’ Safari

## Skyfall

## Sleddin’

Sleddin’ by John Pettingill from Viz Lab on Vimeo.

The Blue Umbrella

## The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

## The Rose of Turaida

The Rose of Turaida Trailer from Ryan Grobins on Vimeo.

Toyota Prius “Hum”

Toyota Prius ‘Hum’ 60” - Sam Mason from Strange Beast on Vimeo.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Intro

## ZombiU

Trailer ZombiU / Ubisoft - Andy’s from QUAD on Vimeo.


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