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Initially, this blog was built on Drupal, a famous CMS with thousands of modules to customize anything you want. It works really well and I believe Drupal can keep shining. It is written by PHP.

One night, I noticed several developers mentioning about static site, the idea of writing your blogs on your laptop through Markdown, and then generate the necessary HTML pages and publish them. That’s when I switched to Octopress. It is written by Ruby.

Everything keeps working except that Octopress is written by Ruby. Fortunately, another night, I found Pelican, another static site generator, powered by Python.

What’s not good is, they all worked really slow. That’s the killing weakness, the driving factor to push me look for something in future when I decided to pick up my writing habits again. And then, it’s Hugo. It is written by Go.

The sexy part? Hugo is awesomely fast because of Go! For this blog, both Octopress and Pelican takes couples of seconds, while Hugo just takes seconds. Time times difference. That’s sane!

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