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THE SKETCHTRAVEL is a unique international charity art project. This red sketchbook was passed from one artist’s hand to another like an Olympic torch in an artistic relay through 12 countries over 4 and half years.

《Sketchtravel》 記錄了一段別出心裁、前所未見的藝術旅程。 這個史上首見的出版企劃,前前後後共費時5年,橫跨全球3萬5千英里, 動員71位視覺創作藝術家,聯手打造出一部空前絕後的藝術作品。 這部作品網羅了包括插畫家、動畫導演、畫家等,總計71位來自全球各地的藝術家, 每人以個人獨特的風格完成一頁作品,在其中盡情揮灑創意,並以接力方式傳遞, 進而完成這部教人驚嘆連連的大作。

I was really fortunate to see SKETCHTRAVEL: Exhibition in Kyoto International Manga Museum. We were actually in a honeymoon trip to Kyoto, no any plans for the trip. We woke like locals (well, a little bit later for longer sleeping), passed through the city by riding a bike, visited maybe just one or two spot to observe people and environment there. And suddenly, we encountered the exhibition!

我很幸運地,在去年(2013)遇見了 SKETCHTRAVEL 辦在日本京都國際漫畫博物館的展覽。 那時,我們恰巧在京都蜜月。 我們像當地人一樣起床(好吧,是有稍為睡晚了一點); 靠著兩輛單車在都市中穿梭,每天都是如此; 一天之中,大約只會去一至兩個目的地,觀察當地的人事與地物,偶爾記錄下一丁點兒生活瑣事。 就這樣,有天我們就遇上了這個展覽!


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