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You are a front-end programmer. What do you do daily is like:

  • open your coding editor/IDE,
  • open your testing project in the browser,
  • open doc sites of libraries you are using or referencing,
  • read your/others codes, comments, official docs, tech blogs, stackoverflow, …
  • write something in the editor,
  • ask the machine to interpret your writings and respond.

What you are really doing is to communicate, either with docs done by other people, or with machines by code snippets.

看看這張來自座落在緬甸仰光的 Rangoon Tea House 菜單,光是茶就有 16 種! 雖然差別只在於比例的不同,但每一種比例的調配都有它自己的名字! 某個程度上,它在用圖表與名字的方式與你溝通…


  • 一方面提出自己的條件,一方面斟酌著對方提出來的要求,
  • 思量著是否觸及到己方的底線,想著怎麼提出另外的籌碼來 counter 回去。
  • 於是你一方面仔細聽對方的每一句話,猜想著 questions behind questions。
  • 另一方面在腦海裏一句一句雕琢文字,準備等一下怎麼精準又保有模糊空間的回應。
  • 你自以為了解對方的底線,但其實對方可能也正這麼認為著。
  • 喔!說不定你們互相是操著第一外語–英文,都失去了母語優勢…

這是一種溝通,商業上的談判溝通。 雖然已經不再需要戴鋼盔上沙場,但對你來說,這是另一種「現代戰場」。 也許有一天,雙方在談判的都是 AI agents, 但這仍舊是一種談判,一種 machine-machine negotiation.

I believe one day, we will all realize that everything is about communication.
It can be human-to-human, human-to-machine or machine-to-machine.
Actually, calling a 3rd-party API from your code is one sort of communcations.
Then, what’s the most important things to skill well in future?
I believe it’s all kinds of communcation skills.

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