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The interesting is, we, as artists and engineers, do really can convert 2D images into autostereoscopic ones, as long as having skilled rotoscoper with patience and cooperative computer graphics geek. What we did is just as normal as everyone could thought of:

  • define our targeting quality and appearance first and clearly
  • pick up candidate wedding photos with remarks of importance and focus points
  • for each photo, circle out spatial layout according to aesthetics and logistics. furthermore, having well-designed depth gradient is the most important to achieve nice quality result
  • rotoscoping, the most time-consuming but artistic process
  • 3d image warping, or so called depth image based rendering is used to generate the desired multiple novel views
  • finally, (auto)stereoscopic device related content generating

Does a pure computer graphics researcher need to know and even involve in those stuff to this extreme? Yes! Because…

  • there are seldom “pure” researchers for this field though~
  • your research result needs some proof, which requires other talent’s help.

I love to cooperate with other talents :)

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