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Dreamworks Animation opensourced OpenVDB, a data structure and toolset dedicated to volumetric data. According to the following statement, it might get supported/integrated into some 3D packages by vendors, including Houdini or some others in Autodesk. Does that become another Alembic? I don’t know. But I can tell there would be some sort of competition between OpenVDB and Field3D.

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Siggraph Asia 2011 結束後,我收到了一則問卷調查,裏頭有兩則有趣的問題,特別抓了張圖下來,結果就一直擺在電腦裏頭沒有理會了。剛剛才發現它們十足礙眼地躺在桌面上,提醒我要處理(??)一下。

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