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Our human perceptual systems have been driving changes in our entertainment media, one sensor at a time.
Since we are built to see motion, pictures naturally evolved into motion pictures. Motion pictures evolved to incorporate sound, color, 3D sound, and 3D vision. We use all of these, all day long. There’s no reason we would want to give any of them up when we watch a movie.

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從 gugod 的OSDC / RubyConf TW 2010 複習得知了 3D Bookmarklet 這玩意兒,趕緊拿自己的網站來試試:
程式碼裏頭,有關 anaglyph 的部分如下:
e.style.color='rgba(255,0,0,0.5)'+imp; e.style.textShadow=d+'px 0 0 rgba(0,255,192,0.5)'+imp; 如果能採用 Half Color Anaglyph 或是 Optimized Anaglyph 公式的話,然後是對整個畫面處理(包含 img, css 裏的 background image/color, color)等處理,那就更完美了 :)
Reference: (for gugod)
Anaglyph Comparison @ 3dtv.at. Optimised Anaglyph @ stereo.jpn.org

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我從 Dan 那學到一件事:善用 Google Alerts 來幫你找資料。於是我訂了一個針對關鍵字“autostereoscopy“的 alert,每幾天就會收到一個 digest alert,裏頭就 news, blog 裏頭,有提到 autostereoscopy 這個關鍵字的,從中節選幾篇出來,寄到我的 gmail。有點像是把 Google Alerts 當成另一種 RSS Feed 來看待。
今天收到了的 alert 頭,news 部分如下:
幾乎都和 Nintendo 3DS 有關 = = 大廠的一個動作,果然媒體的反應就是不一樣呀~

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The following is the code I got from Andres Hernandez [cybereality] for separating a .mpo file into 2 relative .jpeg files (left and right). The key point is to find the second jpeg’s header “FFD8FFE1” and this is my first time to touch jpeg’s header format. Kinda interesting.
According to Andres’s idea, we all hope everyone could keep sharing any informative stuff to help others’ work or research. And eventually, we could benefit from others’ great achievement :)

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The interesting is, we, as artists and engineers, do really can convert 2D images into autostereoscopic ones, as long as having skilled rotoscoper with patience and cooperative computer graphics geek. What we did is just as normal as everyone could thought of:
define our targeting quality and appearance first and clearly pick up candidate wedding photos with remarks of importance and focus points for each photo, circle out spatial layout according to aesthetics and logistics.

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3D business is not born yet. It is like an expected new born baby. I say new technology regarding 3D is necessary for 3D business. It is said “Necessity is a mother of invention”.
3D technology is a sort of a “Mother of 3D business”. Then who is a “Father” of expected new born baby named “3D business”?
It is “Business model” who would become a “Father”.
Only when “Technology” meets “Business model”, new business will be born.

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