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我從 Dan 那學到一件事:善用 Google Alerts 來幫你找資料。於是我訂了一個針對關鍵字“autostereoscopy“的 alert,每幾天就會收到一個 digest alert,裏頭就 news, blog 裏頭,有提到 autostereoscopy 這個關鍵字的,從中節選幾篇出來,寄到我的 gmail。有點像是把 Google Alerts 當成另一種 RSS Feed 來看待。

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The following is the code I got from Andres Hernandez [cybereality] for separating a .mpo file into 2 relative .jpeg files (left and right). The key point is to find the second jpeg’s header “FFD8FFE1” and this is my first time to touch jpeg’s header format. Kinda interesting.

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The interesting is, we, as artists and engineers, do really can convert 2D images into autostereoscopic ones, as long as having skilled rotoscoper with patience and cooperative computer graphics geek. What we did is just as normal as everyone could thought of:

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3D business is not born yet. It is like an expected new born baby. I say new technology regarding 3D is necessary for 3D business. It is said “Necessity is a mother of invention”.

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